The Simple Picture That Can Make You A Millionaire.

There is a simple picture that can make you millions.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but if things continue with inflation, that picture just might be worth 10,000.

Anyhow, below is a picture  of Fastlane Business Strategy in pictorial form of a skyscraper.   The model frames the Fastlane philosophy, a business strategy that makes millionaires young, not old.

The breakdown:

The Foundation: (The Commandment of Need)
Represents the Commandment of Need – Create a business based on a solid foundation – a business founded on fundamental need, pain point, pleasure, convenience, or something that adds value to society.  Foundations such as “do what you love” “follow your passion” “lifestyle design” blah blah are foundations based on SAND.  Sand foundations crumble businesses and they don’t create exponential wealth.

The Door: (The Commandment of Entry)
How secure is the door to your business?  If anyone can download WordPress, and wham, they can compete with you, your odds are stacked.  Business startup should not be a simple event, but a detailed process.  The bigger the barriers to entry the stronger your padlock to your door will be.  An “anyone can enter” business is like having a door wide open to the public … anyone can come in, and the more crowded it is, the shorter your skyscraper becomes.

The Land: (The Commandment of Control)
Does the foundation of your business reside on leased or rented land that you don’t control?  Can a landlord (THE DRIVER) “slip out the rug” out from you?  Can the affiliate provider change terms?  Can the MLM owner change product lines?  Can the franchisor change the rules?  If your business foundation rests on leased land, someone else can derail your financial plan.  Stop leasing the land and start controlling it.

The Height: (The Commandment of Scale)
If you want to climb the heights to financial freedom you need a business the SCALES into the sky … in other words, it will need to reach new heights to reach the masses.  The tallest skyscraper in the world can be viewed by millions.   How tall is Facebook?  Conversely, how tall is that little shop you have on Elm Street?   Scale is what creates millionaires.  The taller your building, the more it can impact.

The Elevator: (The Commandment of Time)
I grew up in Chicago and I remember once trying to climb the stairs to the top floor of the Sears Tower.  Big mistake.  If you want to to divest yourself from your business, you eventually need to get the elevator installed into your skyscraper!  Climbing a flight of stairs is MANUAL LABOR — the elevator represents automation and systematization.  A 40 year journey “up the tower” would defeat the purpose of wealth which is itself, comprised of TIME.

The Wrecking Ball: (The Sidewalk)
The wrecking ball represents the Sidewalk which poses a formidable danger for all Fastlaners (and Slowlaners) alike.  When your business begins to scale and become profitable, are you going to blow every dime your make?  Do you own a $150,000 car, and yet, you don’t even have a $150,000 in liquidity?   The Sidewalk disembowels even the most successful; professional athletes, actors, and yes, Fastlaners.  Beware of the Sidewalk.