Slowlaner (Definition)

A Slowlaner is someone who fully subscribes to the Slowlane financial plan, a predictable graduation from the Sidewalk financial plan.

By accepting the financial plan of mediocrity, a lifelong Slowlaner adopts a “settle-for-less” life view. Cancel the movie channels, buy a used car, clip coupons, shop at the thrift store, quit dining out a fancy restaurants, save 10% of your paycheck, etc. Slowlaners believe that 40 years of jobs, 40 years of penny-pinching, and 40 years of faithful investments in the stock market can create wealth. Slowlaners forsake their youth for the promise of elderly wealth or, wealth in a wheelchair; afterall, $100 invested a month in the stock market for 40 years will be worth $2.5 million by the time you’re 70!

Under a Slowlane regime, Slowlaners are painfully frugal with money while lavishly discounting time.