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Can You Spot the Need? And the Fastlane Opportunity?

So I get the Barrons magazine (print version) sent to me every week and was reading an article about Francesca’s Holdings — a specialty retail boutique store. The article exposes a great Fastlane need. Read the article and then see if you can spot the “need”…

You Might Be a Sidewalker When…

Inspired by recent events, and of course, all the f*cking idiots around me, I give you “You Might Be A Sidewalker…” Warning: Contains vile language and is likely to insult many. =)

Beating A Dead Horse When the World Thinks It’s Alive

I’ve beaten this horse to DEATH but then again I ask, is the horse really dead when the world maintains it’s alive? Most Americans believe that becoming a millionaire is a long-shot. In fact, according to a ABC/CNBC, the actual number is 61%. And since most Americans also believe that “jobs, 401(k)s, mutual funds and the stock market” is the correct road to becoming a millionaire, I’d have to agree with them…

It’s Always Being Done, You Can Do It Better!

Every time I hear a person complain that there are no opportunities, or no “ideas” to pursue, I want to pull out my hair. Until we live in a perfect world, there will always be opportunities.