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Can You Spot the Need? And the Fastlane Opportunity?

So I get the Barrons magazine (print version) sent to me every week and was reading an article about Francesca’s Holdings — a specialty retail boutique store. The article exposes a great Fastlane need. Read the article and then see if you can spot the “need”…

It’s Always Being Done, You Can Do It Better!

Every time I hear a person complain that there are no opportunities, or no “ideas” to pursue, I want to pull out my hair. Until we live in a perfect world, there will always be opportunities.

Will You Be the Next Affiliate Marketing Millionaire? Or Casualty?

Amazon terminates 25,000 California affiliates immediately. “Panda update” eliminates 1,000’s of sites from the Google index; Adsense revenues disappear overnight. These are what I call affiliate marketing casualties and they happen when you don’t control your primary revenue source.

What Tony Horton of P90X Can Teach You About Wealth!

Ever hear of personal trainer and fitness guru Tony Horton, founder of P90X? Not only can Tony teach you about great fitness, but he can teach you how to break out of the box of intrinsic value and create exponential wealth!