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  • Classic video! Love the bluntness of it. That’s 99% of America there. Loving their Housewives of FILL IN THE BLANK, Jersey Shore, etc. Lots of sidewalkers in LA. Lots.

    Awesome video MJ.

    •  Thanks for stopping by Terry, glad you enjoyed it. =)
      (I had fun doing it, although I was quite shocked at how many F-bombs I dropped … guess that’s what happens when I get on a roll.)

      • Hdgehog757


  • Fastlane Guest

    Us mobile users on slow connection can’t view your videos. How about a transcript?

    •  Sorry, in the future I won’t make them HD so they can be viewed mobile.

  • Forest

    Fuckin Awesome!!  Pull out your money and tip or stay the Fuck home.  That pisses me off a shit ton.. Great Vid MJ.

  • Blair

    Nice rant there MJ, those vlogs would be a nice touch in your next eBook!  But you probably have that started already if I know you…

  • Janine

    Love your post – its so true!!  One of my friends Mum’s one over a million in lotto – and she still enters every week  and still thinks she is poor.
    By the way MJ – you made me laugh…. 
     since reading your Millionaire Fastlane Book, I have completely changed my opinion on almost every thing.  I was about to start studying which would of taken 2 years and incur a debt of around $20000.   I now know that I don’t need to do study to be in the fast lane.
      I quiet often look at people and terms fastlaner or slowlaner and sidewalker all pop into my head. 

  • sremington

    MJ, you need to do a daily show. This is good info, although I had to remove my 7 year old from the room haha. I know someone who buys a crap load of stuff from Walmart knowing they are going to return the stuff. Ticks me off. The other thing that drives me nuts is someone who will not buy a product because it is 20 cents cheaper across town so they get in their car and drive 7 miles through thick traffic wasting more than 20 cents in gas and spending 40 minutes of their life sitting in traffic to save 20 cents. That and clipping coupons. ugh.

  • Dbilbrey

    Love the McDonalds analogy. “When jumping off a cliff it doesn’t matter if you wear socks or shoes the outcome will be the same”! So true. 

    •  Ha I guess that’s a synonym for “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.”

  • MJ I totally agree with you in almost all you say. However I disagree with you about being a sidewalker if appreciate the talent of a musician on the Voice. Yes people that look up to the cast of Jersey Shores are no doubt in my mind sidewalkers but people that have real talent like musicians on the Voice or American Ideal shouldn’t be thrown into the same category. If you think they should then you need to throw every athlete into the same category. I find nothing more pathetic than the amount of time people sit in front of the TV routing on “their team”. Talk about living vicariously, when was the last time  a mob trashed businesses and burned cars because their favorite contestant on American Idol got kicked off. Yet year after year you can see it happen with sports fans that go nuts because they didn’t get the outcome they wanted from a group of grown men chasing a ball around in a game. I’m proud to say if Tim Tebow was sitting next to me on a plane I wouldn’t know who the fuck he was or care.

    •  Norm, I’m not castigating the contestants — if they could succeed on AI or Voice, then awesome.  Those are Fastlane venues for people that have obvious talent.  My rant is directed toward those who absolutely, cannot miss one episode due to entertainment value.  If a reality TV program helps your personal process of success, then by all means watch them.  SharkTank is a great example — I’d tune into that once in awhile because it has some educational value.  Likewise, if you’re trying to become a famous singer, watching AI or Voice is probably helpful.

  • thanks MJ. 

  • Radzw

    MJ, Why are you holding back? Just say what’s on your mind. LOL  Great slap of reality and tough love for all those sidewalkers AKA posers.  Wish you’d do a post on focusing on one thing.  That was a great chapter in your book.

  • RAWR

    “Get off my porch!”  coming up next ;P

    You basically connected the dots in the first 30 seconds of the video, but in the end it is responsibility, strong moral compass and identity…something that USA, sadly, is washing away.

    Also something to ponder -now with facebook, everyone has “an audience” 

  • Sam

    I watch Jersey Shore (well, the UK equivalent) and I agree that I watch it because it is more interesting than my own current life. Thing is, as a starting-out entrepreneur (I quit the day job to work on a Fastlane project) I don’t have any income. In order to have the time to work on my project, I’m living off savings. For that reason, I CANNOT AFFORD right now, to have an interesting lifestyle. Therefore in the evenings, I’m often at home watching shitty TV programmes like jersey shore (I don’t pay the TV bill).

    I understand that most people watch it because they have mundane lives that they intend to do nothing about. But my life HAS to be mundane right now because I don’t have income yet and the savings I’m living off aren’t substantial either. Just saying that a starting-out Fastlaner, you can find yourself watching bullshit TV in the evenings because at that stage in your career, you can’t afford to have an interesting life.

    Entertaining video anyhow!

    • With all due respect, you’re playing yourself. Who says you need money to have an interesting lifestyle?

      I’m sure you can go swimming, do some kind of exercise, learn a language – BBC has some free basic courses on their sites.

      You can create something. Look, you believe it HAS to be mundane so it is. Wake up man, your life is passing you by. 

      You might want to sell that TV and do something fun with the money. You’ll be a richer, happier person.

      •  When you’re committed to building something, and have a purpose behind it, the TV simply can’t compete.  When I lived in a small studio apartment, I remember hanging out at the pool for “entertainment” — the residents in the apartment certainly had entertainment value!

  • Ronna

    Lmao! Loved it!

  • Luis

    Best equation ever. I think it’s not included in the book, ain’t it? :)

  • Mike- I think many folks don’t get that you didn’t make your money just for money’s sake.  Money, like the cars we drive, is just a vehicle for making whatever difference you want in life. Making money for money’s sake is a shallow end in mind. Money for freedom, money to help family, money to travel, money to help causes you believe in. That’s what money is for…not to be the richest guy in the graveyard. Have a big enough WHY and you’ll find the energy and focus to make your money. Keep up the great work, Don

  • Always Grateful Lou

    MJ – I want to know who pissed you off – thanks to them another great post :)

    People spend more money than they make because they feel it is not their money – any idiot can get a credit card, loan, or lease a car.

    I decided to pay cash for everything I buy – no outstanding debt. So it would really hurt me to see 100k to leave my bank account in exchange for a car – that will be out of style in no time. Especially when I can use that money to try new businesses ideas or create more value for my customers. That is a true rush, not driving down a highway with a car I can’t afford.

    As you said: If you have to think about it, you can’t afford it. Love this quote and live by it – most of the time :)

    Rules are simple – people are not.

  • mike

    dude, your fucking epic,hahaha.

  • Mike

    make more videos please!!!!

  • We get the people at McD who order the double quarter pounder, large fries, and a large diet Coke, and we always joke about this too. A customer finally told me that they were addicted specifically to diet drinks, as in, for some reason, diet drinks were more preferable to them than drinks made with real sugar – they specifically desired diet drinks as such. I don’t know if that’s everybody’s reason, but it was this one particular person’s reason. This is all aside from the question of whether diet soda is healthy and/or effective at accopmlishing what it claims to accomplish.