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  • Thanks MJ I always look forward to your emails I love the straight no BS content.
    Keep It coming. Thanks Amara*;*

  • Good stuff MJ! Now I’m off to execute…

  • C.

    One of your best videos MJ. Has great substance and concrete advice. Thanks.

  • Whew! Fortunately, I can honestly say I have never uttered any of those 5 phrases. Thanks for the reinforcement!

  • Tom_strong

    Thanks for this video, it’s straightforward and filled with great advice. i appreciate the fact that you speak with your guts!

  • Dominic

    Great stuff! Some of these comments are things that Wantrepreneurs might want to hold on to (such as ‘it’s already being done’ or ” I don’t know how”) because it lets them off the hook.  The truth is that we all have the ability to pursue self directed learning for the purpose of fulfilling a goal.  Like you said EFFORT/EXECUTION is what makes the difference.

  • It’s not the idea that makes the difference, it’s the execution. Read some interesting stuff by Steven Blank on Lean Startups and that was the key point, just like MJ talks about. We hear about the ideas that get executed well, not the ones that don’t.

  • Abdul Ngoko

    Well said, straight to the point.Thats entrepreneurship i know.I have bought MJ Demarco ebook one month ago, here in East Africa, Tanzania. I have read  the book and i can completely agree that he is the TRUE Entrepreneur.MJ Guidelines and ideas works in any Geographical location.I read from 4-hour work week,street smarts to The secret!and countless other books, most ideas dont work here in Africa.After reading MJ Demarco’s Entrepreneurship Bible, i donated all business books i owned to our Local Library.MJ Demarco, wait for a big surprise from me….when i hit that first $1m Mark!

    •  Awesome!  Thanks for stopping by.  Nice to see my book making its way around the world. =)

  • RAWR

    Dream vs Reality.  Americans are being sold a dream, hence more and more, “Ideas are everything!”    Ideas is you sitting there thinking you are on the beach with beautiful women. Execution is looking at the ticket prices to know if you can even afford to go. 

  • Yussef

    I love this video. I try to explain this to my friends by asking them a simple question…Do you think Mcdonald’s cares that Burger King  is selling hamburgers and fries right across the street? They still spend a over a million dollars opening that store, why? Because they have a process that works and it doesn’t matter that there may be 200 other places in town that can sell you a burger and fries…there is only one place to get a “Mcdonald’s” burger and fries.

  • Always Grateful Lou

    Too Hard? – working for others 8-5  every day with 2 weeks vacation is not?

    It has been done! – good – I learn form them and do it better, it has been tested for me.

    I don’t know how to do it! – entrepreneurs job is to be resourceful, not to know everything (learned this the hard way – still learning)

    How much do I get paid? Depends what you give – no value, nothing – very simple. When do I get paid is a whole different story. :)

    Ideas and Green Grass – this is a hard one. There are so many GURUS out there – it really comes down to common sense. We’ve all tried these – businesses that need no money to start, no knowledge, anyone can do it, you get money coming in right away, be your own boss,…

    Nothing I have done was a waste of time – even some dumb business ventures as long as I learned my lessons. As MJ says – business is a process – not an event.

  • Calvin T.

    Excellent and succinctly delivered advice. Keep it up!

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  • ReginaKariuki

    You are an inspiration

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  • Eileen

    I’m a wantrepreneur. My wantrepreneur traits are even severely hindering me in my 9 to 6 career.

  • Azeem

    Nice one sir, the advise is awesome, good work.

  • Vernon Lesser

    Powerful stuff. I’ve been offered an opportunity to become CEO of a startup of enormous potential and your video reinforced my initial thoughts of taking $0 salary in exchange for more equity. Thanks MJ for going against the grain with your teachings.