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  • Love the visual…it’s a hard pill to swallow as they say, but when you do things right the first time and are patient. It can take years, but 10 years from now where would you rather be? You’ll still work as hard and run in to just as many frustrations on the other track, might as well be the track where you’re the one serving a need in the community – and you’re the one receiving value in return for your efforts.

    • Based on psychology, most people would be happier on the path that appears to have a greater Locus of Control.  Thanks for stopping by!

  • CJ

    Most people are simply not willing to do what it takes and sacrifice their seemingly secure existence. Nice illustration.

  • Anonymous

    MJ – 

    Are you suggesting that if we take the blue pill, the story ends, we wake up back in our dead-end job
    and believe what ever we want to believe. However, if we take the red pill, you take us to wonderland and show you how deep the rabbit hole goes? ;-)

    Haha! I like the metaphor … good job!

     –  Contrarian

  • Amazing stuff…keep it up!

  • Antonio Rillera

    New wallpaper!