A Fastlane Secret You Can Learn from the Mega-Millions Lottery

I have a confession.

Today, I bought a lottery ticket.

The MegaMillions jackpot is now over $500 million.

Some of you might be shocked that I wasted time and money on a ticket, and for good reason.

However, my toe-dip into Sidewalkerland was well justified.

Here is why I bought the ticket…

I wanted to buy the ticket to see how I felt by buying it.

In other words, it was just a psychological experiment.

A gentleman posted this on my Facebook wall:

Tired of hearing about the Mega Millions BS. I’ll keep my money and put it toward something more useful. Would you agree it’s a tax on the poor and those who suck at math.

While I agree with his assessment, the lottery is more about HOPE and DREAM RESURRECTION than anything else.  When people buy a ticket, they suddenly feel hope, and a sense that their craziest dreams can possibly come true.

You see, after I purchased my ticket I was welcomed by a tiny, tickling sensation that I could only identify as HOPE.   As I gazed at the ticket (I only pissed away 1 buck) I thought, “Wow, this little piece of paper could be worth $500 million!”


Now ask yourself this:  If the grand-prize payoff was $10,000, would people be interested? Would people be rushing to the 7-Eleven to buy tickets?

Absolutely not.

The “pay-off” is NOT life-changing.

Now correlate this with Fastlane strategy.

What is the “pay-off” of your business?  If the best thing EVER could happen to your business, what’s the “payoff?”

$10,000 or $10,000,000?  Is it life-changing?  Impactual?

Millions of people own businesses where the “payoff” isn’t impacting.  It isn’t life changing.   The payoff is simply a means to paying bills and getting by.

I bring this up because the results of my impromptu, psychological experiment was interesting:  The sensation I experienced AFTER buying the lottery ticket was really no different than the omnipresent feeling I carry with me every single day by being the owner of a Fastlane business.   With continued hard-work, persistence, and patience, a big “life changing” payoff could be around the corner.

The bottomline?  Anytime you engage in a business that fits within the Fastlane metrics (5 Commandments) you should also experience the same sensation as that lottery ticket — a feeling of hope and a feeling that your dream is alive — except instead of carrying that feeling for 24 hours, you can have it for years.  And here’s the hook: If your dream is alive, then guess what, you’re already living the dream.

For some people, the lottery is a temporary spark that suddenly awakens dreams for a temporary 24 hours, or however long until the drawing.  For the traveling Fastlaner, that sensation is something we carry with us everyday.

Good luck!