A Business Lesson You Won’t Learn in Business School

When an infant cries, you know it WANTS something.

But do you know how to interpret if the MARKET is crying, and hence, wants something?

Sometimes it’s as easy as listening, scouring through your Google analytics page, or reading through your email.

Here’s a business lesson you won’t learn in business school:  The market will always tell you in which directions you should be moving, or not moving. The market serves as both, judge and jury.

When I started writing and publishing the TMF, I didn’t anticipate doing an audiobook — it wasn’t apart of the “business plan” (which was just a bunch of scribbles in a notebook anyway).

However, after selling tens of thousands of books, I noticed a pattern in my inbox, on the forum, and in other communications thrown my way:

Where can I buy the audiobook?
Is the audiobook available?
You gotta do an audiobook!

These repeated messages emerged into a consistent theme and represented priceless market feedback, or “road noise”.   In other words, the market was CRYING and telling me what IT wanted.

This fundamental lesson is why I believe business plans are pretty much worthless — as soon as you catapult something out into the marketplace, the market will mirror its verdict by way of sales, no sales, or communicative feedback.

After reading substantial emails asking me about the The Millionaire Fastlane audiobook, I decided it was time to produce one — not because I WANTED to produce one, but because the MARKET wanted me to produce one.

That said, by request, The Millionaire Fastlane audiobook is now available for instant download (MP3s) or in CD Case.   The book is narrated by myself and is over 12 HOURS of audio — yes, 12 FREAKING hours!  Yikes!

To listen to an audio sample of the PREFACE and CHAPTER 1, or to purchase, hit your browser to:




As as special to my readers who’ve asked, I’m offering a NEW RELEASE discount this week only. (Valid until June 8th, 2012)

Use discount code “AUDIOBOOK-VIP” to get your 15% discount — and BTW, I am limiting the release of the audiobook — it won’t be available at Audible or Amazon.  (This also is going to serve as a distribution/marketing experiment as well!)

In closing, the important growth lesson is this: Listen to the market as it contains valuable clues on how to grow your business.  If hundreds of people are asking for something (a new feature on your website, an alternative product, a complimentary product) examine the opportunity to offer it!  No business grows by ignoring the market and by standing still.

Always remember… The market (your customers!) hold the key to everything you selfishly want.  Give them what they want, and you’ll likely get what you want!

Best wishes,

MJ DeMarco