Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail; Action TAKING vs Action FAKING

It is that time of a year again when you need to ask, are you an ACTION TAKER, or an ACTION FAKER?

Pay attention to your last year’s New Year’s Resolutions — if you failed them, you might be an ACTION FAKER!



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  • Jay

    Thanks MJ for this video, it’s very educational (just like all your videos). 

    I have a question: how to stay on track while action taking? I mean, I work every day to get traffic to my site but I still haven’t earned any money from it (I guess I don’t bring enough traffic). How to wake up motivated every day and keep taking action despite no results? I know that I have to keep working and eventually I’ll succeed (I’m sure that my site fulfills a need and it’s a profitable niche), but it’s still so frustrating to put in work and don’t see any results…

    • If you’re getting no results that means there is a flaw in your process.  Perhaps your need isn’t as strong as your thought. Perhaps your marketing.  Something needs retooling, and it suggests a change of course.  This is why gauging market feedback is so important as it will give you clues to what is amiss.

      • Jay

        Thank you. I think it’s marketing since it’s too early to say that the need isn’t strong after getting only a few dozen subscribers. I get e-mails from subscribers saying that they like my site but I guess that there’s still too few people to make sales. I’m in the process of changing my traffic strategy – hope it’ll work. Thanks again, your site and your book are really helping me stay on track and concentrate on the process.

      • You got it MJ!

        Tony Robbins, big “Take Action” guy, talks about this in his “Ultimate Success Formula”. One of the steps is to evaluate your results and change your approach . . . UNTIL you get the results you desire.

        One thing I would tell Jay (I trust he’s able to see this if he’s getting pinged when someone replies to his comment) is that it’s a great idea to start out with something to offer vs. starting out your blog and being scared to offer something because you don’t feel like you’ve earned the right to offer and only offering content.

        The latter approach has a tendency to get people giving you flack down the road when you do offer them something. If you do it from the very beginning, they expect it. And it’s my recommendation that while you offer stuff for sale often and early on your blog, you do it low key (for example, in a PS.) so it’s not getting in the way of people experiencing a bond with you as a person and your expertise.

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  • Anonymous

    A book along these same lines is “The Compound Effect”.

    From an interview with the author:

    “Most people operate in fits and starts—a great flurry of activity that then flames out. Most people don’t have a problem starting. Everybody easily gets excited, joins, signs-up, starts and begins. Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, start diet programs, join gyms, buy personal development books, go to seminars, hire coaches, etc., but their life doesn’t change. Because success is not defined by how you start, but by how you continue…over a long period of time.”


  • Anonymous

    Great vid, MJ  –  thanks!  You are so right. Most folks confuse motion with progress, as a result their New Years resolutions end up as New Years Hallucinations. Character is defined by the ability to maintain a resolution after the spirit in which is was made has passed. I take that to mean: Action combined with character gets results.

    Loved your book and enjoy your straight talk.

     –   Contrarian

    • Ha love it!  Will your New Years Resolution be a RESOLUTION? Or a Hallucination?

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  • I’ve never been the type of  person to make “New Year’s Resolutions”, I figure if its important enough to need a “resolution” why wait another 300 odd days to tackle it, DO it now, all it takes is commitment and  action.

    That aside, I once read something to the effect that, the fool who makes the “New Year’s Resolution” is also the fool who’s going to break it, and I guess I didnt really want to be that sort of fool either.

    Smoker, drinker and nailbiter, been there, done that and I’ve worn the T-shirt out already.

    Most folk do what I call “lip service”, the lips move and sounds come out and it all feels good because everybody else is doing the same thing so they dont want to feel left out, add some “social lubrication” (alcohol) and its so easy to slide down that road with the rest of the crowd.

    Everybody likes the Big Event and theres none bigger than New Years. :)