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  • Adiakritos

    I like these harsh messages. They really push me to think. This shit is’n’t a joke, and it doesn’t need any Tony Robbin’s sugar coating. Please keep sending these reality checks because they keep me moving. 

    • I agree, Adiakritos. We need these reality checks. I subscribe to this blog for a reason. And it’s paying off. Keep hitting us with the real stuff MJ. Please keep this blog fresh.

    • It wasn’t meant to be harsh, but just a little cold-hard truth sprinkled in with some logic.

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff as always!!!

  • MJ, 
    I love the conveyor belt analogy.  Brings to mind the phrase “Garbage In – Garbage Out”.  I will definitely be paying closer attention to what I’m feeding my mind as well as my body.  Thanks for constantly producing ACTIONABLE content and advice that can be implemented immediately.  

  • Power_njerz

    MJ you are by far the best guy talking about life/wealth in general. Finding your book and this forum has changed my life. I still play video games but read at least 2hrs a day. Just finished “The big idea” by Donnie Deustch. The future is now. 

  • Its funny how business, food, lifestyle choices, and relationships all have the same basic formula. You can tell a lot about a person just by observing little things they do.

  • Jim

    Sometimes you don’t know what the conveyor belt should be.  The desire is there, the effort is there, but the system is wrong.  Or, people are given a good system, and their mental filters keep them from using it.  Getting thin is easy, eat less than 1600 calories a day of protein and vegetables, walk or excercise for 300 or more calories a day, and stay away from sugar and white flour.  Now, people think of 100 reasons not to do the above, or they just don’t want to do it.

    With wealth, it’s not so simple.  There are plenty of people who start businesses that don’t get them wealthy.  They work hard, but the customers don’t materialize, or they can’t scale.  The pro blem is there is not another idea to replace the original idea that did not work.  They system is known, but the business idea to apply to the system is the “X” factor, and that is not known.  That is what I actually need help with.


    • Kevincrockett

      Definitely agree and that’s why I think its important to try. Like you said achieving wealth is a bit different than losing weight but  both are processes  requiring a changes in both attitude and action.

      Using myself as an example…. I’d evaluate a business idea, decide to move forward, and would make myself busy by doing periphery work instead of working on those things that produce income.


      It’s safe. And you never fail because you never really start. Realizing that failure is part of the process, and its okay, really frees you to pursue your goals. For some people, me included, getting over the “it has to be perfect” mentality is tough and we do things to avoid that which ultimately moves us forward.  

  • Tony

    Hi MJ,
    Pleasure to meet you. I have no idea if you will receive this message, but I loved your book. Bought it on my IPad.. that is why I came here. I travel a lot so it was a welcome read on the plane!
    Best Regards,

    •  Of course I received the message; I do read my blog and answer emails! Glad you enjoyed the book and it helped with the plane ride!

  • great ideas as a reminder how important our daily decisions are!

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  • Rahul

    Loved the conveyor belt video….it’s about the process…gotta love the irony in the fat loss pills sponsored ads on the side of this page though :)

  • it maybe
    a little harsh but it’s the truth and you get to learn from the truth and
    it’s time for a change! thanks for the great tips and advice.

    – Jack Leak

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  • ashish

    MJ – you are like Eminem of the business world, who has the balls to tell the HARSH REALITY.

  • Coxw21

    This shit is awesome. Keep posting please. It is very valuable to me. Thanks!