It’s Always Being Done, You Can Do It Better!

Every time I hear a person complain that there are no opportunities, or no “ideas” to pursue, I want to pull out my hair.

Until we live in a perfect world, there will always be opportunities.

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say “Oh, that’s being done … why bother?”

Fastlane opportunities drive opportunities where there are needs, wants, and opportunities for “better”.

Just because beer exists, doesn’t mean no one will want your beer.

If your beer tastes good and people want it, it will sell.

If your beer sucks and no one wants it, it won’t sell — and doing what you love, living your passion, thinking positively, blah blah won’t change that fact.


  • Daniel Sparks

    So true.

    • Cocomi

      yes but, sometimes and in some cases, making it better is far too expensive in terms of infrastructures or else, that only big company can do it

  • Paul

    This should be a poster for sale on your site. Love the post. Your so right about the IPOD thing. If Steve Jobs had listened to the people who were negative he would have lost billions. Your the goods and have a great week

  • +1 for the poster idea.

    MJ if you could provide a high resolution file psd (or if you don’t mind if I copy it). 

    I’d like to turn it into a poster.

  • Khmntcpr50k

    Fuck yea!

    I had this idea so I told my friend about it and thats exactly what he said! 

    “Isn’t that already being done though??”


  • Ahhh..excellent! I tell this to people all the time. Every year something better comes out. Actually every couple of months.

    People are always look for something new or better.

  • Mike

    heh, you could argue its easier. You dont have to create the initial product and research to make sure their is a need. Just pick its faults and market it better.

  • Hdgehog757

    I think that is what stops a lot of people from moving forward. “Oh, someone else is already doing it.” So what? DO IT BETTER!

  • I like to buy it but I hate you voice I really can’t hear it, you should hire a professional with nice voice and without redneck akcent to read your book and record it.

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