How to Take a Fastlane To Success… Instead of No Where.

I see lots of people taking action.  On TheFastlaneForum … on Facebook, yup, lots of action takers.

Unfortunately, most people are taking the WRONG ACTION and are on the Fastlane to no where.

To truly hit a Millionaire Fastlane, you have to have [Watch Video].  Without it, you’re aimlessly rowing in the Pacific ocean in any direction, hoping to strike land…


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  • I couldn’t have said it better: A clearly defined purpose is key to knowing what right actions to take. Great post MJ!

  • Silver

    I know it well in theory but just have trouble following it :)

    • You’re not alone, it is something I always have to remind myself as well.

  • Fellipe

    Great video as always MJ. Thanks

  • Hey, if that person who is doing the vodka would like to network with some people in the same market let me know. I have two clients I helped get off the ground doing premium vodka. They are based in Illinois nad had NO experience befoer they started., things are going well, but I am sure they would love to help a person just starting out.

    • Unfortunately, the brand was already trademarked hence killing the idea.  A day late … Thanks for the feedback.

  • Ronald

    Amazing insight MJ.

    Thanks and God bless.

    – Ronald (Nigeria)

  • C.

    Thank you MJ for taking the time out of your day to point us in the right direction.

  • Great discussion on being “busy” vs. “productive”. I know that I was on to something when I was able to confidently say no to other distractions even when presented with a good opportunity. 

    When clear on a goal, you realize that even “good opportunities” involve giving up control, giving up leverage, or tapping in to an over-served market, or would place a cap on future income.

    Right now my biggest enemy is the “resistance” or the “uncertainty” or “fear” that comes when you are close to finishing or finally launching a project. These things paralyze future action even when you’re good at what you do, have a good idea, and have found the correct medium for the job. 

    Because of this, I was wondering if this is something you have written about in the past? how do you overcome that inertia that comes down hard when you’re 90% done with a project? Or when you finally finish a crux move, realize you still have 5 more crux moves to get through. Did you find this with different stages of

    • The best thing you can do is get it out to market as the market will tell you what it thinks.  No buyers = “we don’t like” or “we don’t like how you are presenting it to us” … even in the case of the example above with the development of a website which subsequently had no purpose — the market might steer that guy into the proper direction (hence giving him a purpose) via feedback.

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  • Very helpful MJ. I like your analogies of how many people are taking action,but not purposeful meaningful action  such as a person going to the airport and picking the first flight they see and hoping that they will get to Hawaii.That helps me alot because I tend to get distracted and lose sight of my goals from time to time and don’t want to do that anymore.Keeping those analogies in mind will keep me on target I think.

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