9 Dorky Songs That Will Make You Feel Like You Can Accomplish Anything!

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Gotta do a little whoop-ass of some steroid injected Russian?  Or perhaps you gotta “sweep the leg” of some So-Cal Cobra-Kai karate fool?  Or maybe you just got to get over some loser boyfriend …  the message here is YOU CAN DO IT! And yes, you can be a dork too!

Ok, I admit it.  My iPod has some crazy playlists.  One of my favorite lists is the “I Can Accomplish Anything – Dork Remix

(The “I Can Accomplish Anything – Gangster Remix“) is another post.

Here are the songs — it will have the effect of making you feel like you can accomplish anything — even while wearing a thick rimmed pair of glasses and a pocket protector!

Robert Tepper, No Easy Way Out (Rocky Soundtrack)

Irene Cara, What a Feeling (Flashdance Sountrack)

A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, any AI)

You’re The Best Around, Joe Esposito (Some Bruce Lee Film / Karate Kid)

Theme from Superman

Simply the Best, Tina Turner

Chariots of Fire, Vangelis

Stronger, Britney Spears

Eye of the Tiger, Survivor (Rocky Soundtrack)

What songs of dorkiness proportions have I missed?

Let me know!


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  • None of those are dorky. Especially the Robert Tepper song, IMO, it’s the greatest movie scene ever because it is a montage of all the best scenes from Rocky!

    Then again I’m biased since I think Rocky IV is one of the best movies ever aside from any of the robot scenes or any scene with Rocky’s son.

    On that note, a few of those songs(Eye of The Tiger, No Easy Way Out and You’re The Best Around) are on my marathon training playlist and even helped propel this “dork” to a new Half Marathon PR last Sun, so if I’m a dork then get me my taped up glasses and pocket protector now :p

  • Jay

    No star wars theme songs?

    • MJ DeMarco

      Ah, I knew something was missing … The Imperial March or the opening theme would have fit in!

  • Being a pretty big music snob (and also musician), i can’t say I’m too big on any of these choices. Message is good, music? not so much…

    But if we can get a post of the Gangster Remix playlist? Now THAT I’d like to hear :P (i guess it’s a little hypocritical, i can’t imagine it’s of a higher musical integrity hahahaha). But Gangsta Remix is how I roll… or at least i try and pretend to, anyways.

  • Lose yourself Eminem

  • Ken

    I can think of many more, but I probably wouldn’t consider them dorky songs. Are any raps ever dorky?

    • I agree! Well except for “Girl, You Got What I Need” by Biz Markee or “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, but only if you’re an unco-ordinated white boy trying to dance to those songs, like me :p

      As for “Lose Yourself” and even “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor since they’re sung by white guys, no shame or dorkiness in getting down to ’em ;)

  • jassep


    You should look up “I’m in Love With My Car” by Queen from the album “Night At The Opera”


    I think it’ll appeal to you! :)


  • Jay

    You missed these:
    I am Superman by REM
    Big Time by Peter Gabriel
    I want money lots and lots of money by ? old eighties band
    James Bond theme song