Are You Earning A Negative 60 Percent Return on Your Time?

The Worst Return on Your Life!

Anyone that reads my book will soon learn that it isn’t about MONEY, but about TIME.  If you’re one of the many millions of people who can’t wait for Friday to roll around, you’re probably stuck in a horrific time trap I call the Slowlane.

Follow the guru’s plan for wealth and I can guarantee you this: You will be bankrupt in TIME. Why?  Simple.  The Slowlane financial plan is predicated on TIME with the default return on your time (ROTI) delivering a yield of NEGATIVE 60%.  In other words, YOU GET TWO DAYS OF FREEDOM IN EXCHANGE FOR FIVE DAYS OF BONDAGE.

Look at it this way.  Would you give me $5 and in return I’ll give ya $2 back?  That’s a ROI of -60%. Five for two. Or, how about this? Give me 5 loaves of bread and in return, Ill give you 2 back. Great deal? Of course, you’d reject this deal. You’d laugh at me and tell me to quit smoking crack. No one would accept this deal. Yet despite the offer’s ridiculous nature, lifelong Slowlaners accept this offer for the days in their life.

We’re routinely told to trade, and accept, 5 days for 2 days.

Saturday, Sunday: The Paycheck of Monday-Friday

Adopt the Slowlane as your financial plan and Saturday and Sunday will become your paycheck of Monday through Friday.  You’ll do 5 days of crap you wouldn’t normally be doing in exchange for 2 free days.  Don’t think this is realistic?  Look no further to Friday night for proof — it is this relationship and the reason why “Thank God It’s Friday” even exists.

On one Friday night, I had a very interesting conversation with my friend while at a happy hour. This bar was crowded and overflowing with excitement and conversation, the sound of happy people as jubilant patrons cascaded throughout the bar. At this moment in time, an early Friday evening, you’d never guess a recession was ongoing.

I asked my friend, “What do you hear?”

She said “Sounds like a lot of people having a great time, almost a celebration.”

I asked further, “Why?”

She said “It’s Friday”

I asked further … “What’s so special about Friday? If we came here on Monday, the place would be empty and the sound of celebration would be absent. What makes Friday so special as opposed to Monday or Wednesday?”

She guessed “Uhh… people get paid on Friday?”

Now that she was fully onto my paradoxical interrogation, I levied the verdict:

You see, Friday evening is a day of celebration because people celebrate the emerging dividends of their trade — their trade for 5 days of bondage for 2 days of freedom.  Saturday and Sunday symbolizes freedom and Friday evening represents the birth of that freedom for 2 days. People celebrate Friday for it is the reason why “Thank God It’s Friday” exists. People not only get paid money on Friday, they get paid FREEDOM in the form of Saturday and Sunday.

I argue, why can’t EVERYDAY BE A FRIDAY EVENING???

The point of this post is this: Five for two is not a good trade unless you are trading that time into a system or a business that can give you a better return on your time, like 1 for 10, or 3 for 6.

Would you give me $1 if I gave you back $10?  Of course, 1 day given for 10 back is a great deal for you. How about 4 for 8? 2 for 7? All of these seem to be great returns. Yet, the dismal exchange of “5 days given for 2 back” is the accepted societal norm you’ve been told to endure.  Would you work 5 for 2 if what you were doing was capable of blossoming into an incredible ratio?

So how do you move the trade in your favor?

  1. Trade your time into a system/business that will move the trade in your favor.
  2. Enjoy the means to your end. While I could argue I gave 7 for 0 (I worked 7 days and never took a day off) I enjoyed my means. Did I love it? Not always. But I did enjoy being empowered and in control of my destiny. Eventually, my trade yielded a time dividend of 40 years.

Now I give 0 days and get back 7 days.

Everyday is Friday evening.