Sidewalk – Sidewalker (Definition)

A Sidewalker (a follower of the Sidewalk financial roadmap) is someone who goes through life with no financial plan, often living paycheck to paycheck, gig to gig, or job to job.  Sidewalkers live life denying both responsibility and accountability, take a “me versus them” attitude,  and usually see themselves as a victim.

With regards to finances, Sidewalkers will engage in activities capable of providing “get rich quick” events; frivolous lawsuits, lottery playing, get-rich-quick infomercial buying, gambling, and other quick hit venues.  Sidewalkers instinctually believe that wealth is not a self-directed process, but an external event granted by someone else reflecting an outward projection toward others (individuals and corporations) who are quickly reasoned and blamed to be responsible for their failures.

However please be cautious as Sidewalking is blind to income and not reserved only for job holders.  In other words, you can be making $100,000 month and STILL be riding the Sidewalk dirty.

Sidewalking Example:
A Sidewalking Manifesto

Know any Sidewalkers in your life?