How to Make $1,000,000 In One Year – Part 2

[This is Part 2 — the first part is here.]


Pay attention to that number.  Not too big a number right?

Correct, it isn’t a very significant number in terms of size, but in terms of goals, it is very relevant.

$2,740 is the amount of money you need to profit in one day to earn $1M in 1 year.  $2,740 X 365 = $1m.  When you break down the $1M/1yr goal into its smallest part, one day, $2,740 doesn’t seem that daunting.

If you’re committing yourself to the $1M/1yr goal, your first objective should have NOTHING to do with $1M, but $2,740.  Yes, try to earn this in one day.  Oh don’t worry about the 2nd day, or the week, or even the month — just do it ONCE and for ONE DAY.

Why?  If you succeed in this task, you’ve just validated the potency, and the speed limit of your road.  And you’ve just proven to yourself that you can indeed, earn $1M in 1 year.   You are closer to being a millionaire than you think.

Alternatively, if you’re sitting at your desk right now saying to yourself “Wow, $2,740 profit in one day really isn’t possible in my business” then it is possible that your road, or your business, is a deficient Fastlane road — a deficient Fastlane road will put a governor — a cap — on wealth creation; in effect, the road has a speed limit of 15 mph — and to create wealth, your road needs to have a speed limit of 150 mph!

  • For example, if you’re selling 100 sandwiches a day at $3 profit at your neighborhood sandwich franchise, sorry, wrong road — speed limit 15.
  • If you go back to school to become a massage therapist, sorry, wrong road – speed limit 15.
  • If you’re sitting outside Home Depot selling hot dogs, sorry, wrong road — speed limit 15.
  • If you’re selling your time for money, sorry wrong road — speed limit 15.

Roads that fail the Commandment of Scale (Chapter 33, The Millionaire Fastlane) will incarcerate your ability to create wealth exponentially.  Fastlane wealth is not created linearly, but exponentially and exponentiation is usually found when your marketplace is statewide, national, and global — not just in the community.

So assuming you’ve found a great marketplace need (Part I), can you solve that need on a massive scale and deliver that solution to the state?  The country?  The world?  If so, congratulations on thinking like a shark, not like a guppy — merge right, next exit … THE FASTLANE.


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  • I like the idea of breaking down big numbers to small chunks. But without sounding too pessimistic: §2740.- is still a big number to me.

    Anyway – no pain, no gain. Or in other words: § 2740 a day keeps the slowlane away. ;-)


  • Blacktye6000

    Great way to look at it. Makes it more attainable.…

  • KonPaku

    I have come to think of numbers as just that, numbers. $300,000 a year is not impressive. One way to think of it as something not so big in terms of money is what I’ve tried, kind of deceive yourself by removing the $, so three hundred thousand is just that, 300,000. So, when I read this I can see that for many $2,470 is a big number but if we decompose the big picture into small, attainable pixels then we can start to apply what we have learned so far.