Fast Forward — You’re A Millionaire and This Is How…

Take a moment and envision your Fastlane success.

Whatever the threshold, envision you are there.  Fast forward to that place, right now.  You’re done.  “Retired” in however retired is defined for you.

Or, if not retired, living a dream lifestyle that few could live.   Envision your surroundings — what type of house would you be in?  On a mountain?  On a creek?  On the ocean?  What kind a car would you be in?   A trusty Toyota like I drive, or a maybe something a bit more extravagant like a Porsche?  How would you spend your time?  Traveling with family?  Home schooling your children?

Now, picture this…

An old high school friend that you haven’t seen in over a decade reunites and refriends with you.  Over time, he sees the awesome life you lead and asks “Wow, how did you accomplish this?  What is your story?”

Think about it.

What will your story be? What do you expect it will sound like?

Will it be some lame story like …

  • “Oh, I placed a Google ad, and next thing you know I was a multimillionaire”
  • “Oh, I was cleaning out my attic and found an old Picasso worth millions”
  • “Oh, I joined a network marketing company and wham, the next thing I knew I was a millionaire”
  • “Oh, I signed up for this affiliate program and had awesome success”
  • “Oh, I read the 4 Hour Work Week and geez, next thing ya know, I’m in this Porsche Turbo!”
  • “Oh, I bought a domain name and gosh darn it, the next thing I knew, I was living large!”

Or will your story be a long essay, filled with trials, tribulations, errors, triumphs, successes, and failures?

Failure Are the Pages to Your Backstory

Yes, if your backstory is weak, it’s probably because you have no pages in your story.

Those pages are failure.

Some questions to ponder …

Are you taking consistent action capable of generating a backstory?

Are you expecting a backstory from taking one, solitary action and expecting legendary success?

Is the effort you’re putting forth the kind of effort needed to create significant failure and significant results?

Are you experiencing failure?

The fact is, your millionaire story will never look like the examples above because the examples above don’t show a backstory.  They don’t show a process.  They don’t show failures.  They don’t show anything but a flash-in-the-face event.

For you to build your Fastlane success, you have to build your backstory and your backstory, unfortunately, will be made up of hard work, failures, and long “anti 4 hour work week” hours burned on Saturday evenings, Monday mornings, and yes, even on some Holidays.

The backstory is the process — the hard work that no one ever sees and rarely ever, no one wants to hear about.

The backstory is what you are doing when everyone else is sleeping.

The backstory is that money you lost on that PR stunt that failed.

The backstory is that ad you placed that had a $150/CPA.

The backstory is that night you spent up at 3am trying to code-break a user function error.

The backstory is that ad campaign that blew up in your face.

The backstory is the idea you had and ran with it — despite blowhards telling you “it won’t work”.

The backstory is tossing your selfish desires in the backseat of your car, while your business and Fastlane objectives take the driver seat.

When I look at my own success and my own backstory (found here) I remember all the failures, the trials, and the tribulations.  I remember looking to buy in the secondary market and wondering if I could buy it for anything less than 7-figures. I remember sitting in my apartment regurgitating code on a Friday night when I could hear the bustle of happy hour in the bar across the street.

You see, when you fully engage in process and start doing (and failing) you are burning your backstory into place, the unfolding process that architects the foundation to your backstory.

The point of this post is to form your expectations to your awesome, soon-to-be created backstory.

Because years from now, when you’re sitting around the campfire reminiscing how you got to live the awesome life you lead, expect that your story won’t be one of simplicity, leisure, and smooth-sailing.

Nope, in order for your story to be a story worth being told, expect to be fully engaged — get out your paintbrush and start painting the world with your executed ideas — build that backstory baby.